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Welcome to the Gut Flora Workshop! In this corner of the interweb, I will be showing you ways to improve your gut health with food. Remember, food is medicine!

I’m Fen and I’ve been fermenting for 4 years. Actually, longer if you count when I first made yogurt. I didn’t know that was what I was doing then.

I was so nervous!

That is why I started this site. I want to help you achieve better gut health and guide you through the process of how easy it is!

I started making kombucha after I had my 2nd baby to get myself regular. You know, it is always about the poops! Haha!!

A host of other little health problems went away once I was regular. Our gut is what controls every part of our body. Once our gut is healed, the rest of the body falls into place.

Will you make mistakes? You betcha! Will there be mold? Absolutely, sometimes. But the cost of making your own (even if you have to throw some out) vs buying store-bought fermented foods and/or buying bottled probiotics will still be cheaper. Additionally, it will be better quality!

Will you kill yourself and your family with your fermented foods?

Absolutely not.

Certainly, processed foods are killing us slowly. We should worry about that instead. My motto is “If there’s no mold, you’re good to go.”

I am now a self-proclaimed rebel fermenter. I take traditional concepts and throw together non-traditional recipes as I go along.

Join me on this ride! We’ll be making kombucha, sauerkraut, water kefir, milk kefir, yogurt, vinegar…and much more.

Welcome to the Workshop!



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